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Metro Detroit #1 Coin Dealer

We Buy Coins, Sell Coins and Trade and if you just need some cash we offer Pawn Loans.

We are well known throughout Metro Detroit as a respected coin dealer in rare and collectible coins, as well as precious metals. We are in Utica, Mi, but if you are not close to us check out our online store to find what you like.

While we may not be the largest store for coin collectors, we certainly are one of the best in helping our customers obtain coins and precious metals for their investment portfolios and personal collections. We believe it is this reason that so many of our customers are repeat buyers who return to us time and time again to add to their personal collections and/or investment portfolios.  It might be those silver coins that you are after and haven’t been able to find, that might just be sitting in our display case.  There is only one way to find out, so come check if we have it so you can add it to your collection.

We have all kinds of coins so you need to come in to check out our vast selection.  Rare coins are something we have plenty of so if you are in the Detroit Michigan area come in to check us out.  You cannot beat the combination of customer service and products, as this is what makes us one of a kind.  So go ahead and browse our selection and feel free ask us any questions you might have or just stop on by!