detroit gold buyer

Do you have some old gold jewlery you never wear anymore that you want to sell? Need some quick cash to get yourself out of a financial pinch? If so, you can stop by Five Star Pawnbrokers to sell your gold. Five Star Pawn is your preferred Detroit gold buyer, and we are ready to appraise your gold and offer you a cash or loan on your items. Conveniently located in Metro Detroit, we’re just a stone’s throw away from most of southeast Michigan, and with business hours seven days a week, you’ll definitely be able to find a good time to pay us a visit.

Five Star Pawn doesn’t only buy and sell gold. We have a wide variety of all kinds of interesting items. Our pawnbrokers are always looking to strike a deal with customers, and if you have any item you think could be worth some money, bring it on down to our shop so that we can make you an offer. Selling your old stuff is a great way to clean out your garage or attic that’s been overflowing with junk for years. We buy electronics, sports equipment, musical instruments, power tools, coins, antiques, collectibles, and more! Our staff loves finding new items to put on our shelves, and your patronage is what makes our jobs so exciting.

Don’t hold on to some old gold for the sake of nostalgia when you could sell it to us for big bucks. Giving you money for your old goods is our speciality, and we pride ourselves on offering fair, honest prices for your odds and ends. Our awesome selection and affable employees put our pawnshop a step ahead of the rest, and you’ll be glad you chose us. Visit Five Star Pawn at your soonest convenience, and you’ll be coming home with a wallet full of cash and maybe a new collectible or two.