Local Pawn Shop

local pawn shop


Have you got a few odds and ends laying around the house, in the attic, garage, basement or tool shed? Having trouble remembering why you even bought some of these items in the first place? Well, now you have the perfect excuse to swing by Five Star Pawnbrokers, your preferred local pawnshop. All you need to do is collect your unused or unwanted items and bring them on over to Five Star. We will fairly and honestly appraise your belongings and give you the most competitive price for each item. Whether you’re only looking to pawn your things temporarily or you’d rather sell outright, we are happy to take a look at whatever you have to bring us.

Part of the excitement of the pawn industry, for us, is seeing all of the incredibly diverse and distinctive items that are brought through our shop. We love every opportunity to see new old things and just new things, as well. Whether you’ve got jewelry or art, electronics or musical instruments, antique furniture or collections of any kind at all, we are always interested in at least taking a look at what you’ve got and seeing what it may be worth. You never know what you might have just taking up space and collecting dust in your home, so bring your unused and unwanted items over to Five Star Pawnbrokers today and see what kind of money you can get for your old junk.

So, when you’re ready to clean out your home and make some extra room and some extra cash, all you need to do is box up some of that stuff that’s just sitting around and bring it on over to your convenient, local pawnshop. Over at Five Star Pawnbrokers, we promise the most honest and competitive appraisals of all of your belongings, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal possible. When you’re looking to shed a few items and gain a few bucks, stop by Five Star Pawn today!