Michigan Pawn Shop

michigan pawn shop

Do you have some unused items sitting around the house, garage, basement or attic? Not sure you need them anymore, but also unsure what to do with them? No need to overthink it, because Five Star Pawnbrokers is your local Michigan pawn shop, and we’re here to help you with whatever you need. Whether you’ve got one item or several dozen, and whether you’re looking to sell them or just pawn them for a loan, we’re ready to see what you’ve got, get it appraised and get you on your way with the important stuff, hopefully with a little extra cash in your pocket.

Five Star Pawnbrokers will take almost anything, from antiques and art to musical instruments and electronics. We’ve seen a great deal of very eclectic merchandise, but we’re always excited to see what you’ve got for us to look at, so bring it on in and have it appraised. You never know how much your old guitar or even your old chopper might be worth. If you’re not getting any use out of it, why not bring it into Five Star today and see what kind of cash you just might be able to walk out with.

As you’re premier Michigan pawn shop, we want to offer you the most competitive prices for your items. Whether you’ve got jewelry, sports memorabilia or vinyl records, we want to see it, so bring it in, granted you’re ready to part with it, at least temporarily, if not for good. We’ll compensate you handsomely, and soon you’ll be scraping together odds and ends to bring into Five Star Pawnbrokers to see what you can get for them. Stop in today and see what kind of business we can do together. You may just be pleasantly surprised!