Number One Detroit Pawnshop

Number One Detroit Pawn Shop

Wouldn’t a little extra spending money be nice this holiday season? Of course it would! Do you have a basement, cellar or attic full of unused items collecting dust? Almost certainly! Well, then you’re in luck, because Five Star Pawnbrokers, Metro Detroit’s industry-leading pawnshop, can make sure that you get cash in hand for your unused items. Whether you’re looking to sell or just pawn, Five Star can give you top dollar either in the form of a payout or a pawn loan. All you have to do is stop in and say hi.


Anything and everything of value, from electronics to antiques, is sure to bring you a handsome sum at Five Star Pawnbrokers. There’s no discrimination when it comes to what you’ve brought in, so long as it still has some value to someone, even if that someone is no longer you. And if an item no longer has value to you, don’t waste your precious space housing it, but bring it by Detroit’s number one pawnshop and have it appraised.


Don’t bother with the backbreaking effort required to put on a yard sale that no one will stop by anyway. And don’t let your unused items take over your home’s storage areas. With a quick and easy stop into Five Star Pawnbrokers, your things will transform into money before your eyes. Don’t wait or hesitate, just contact Five Star and get on with the important stuff.