pawn diamond ring

Are you in a tight spot with money this month and need a quick way to get some cash? Did you know that pawnshops offer cash or loans for your used items? Here at Five Star Pawn, your old junk is our treasure, and we’re more than happy to strike a deal with you that works great for both of us. We are Metro Detroit’s preferred pawnbroker, and our variety of items and friendly staff makes pawning fun and easy. With a convenient location and ample business hours, you have no excuse for not visiting us.

Let’s say, for example, that you have an old diamond ring you never wear anymore and that you’d like to get rid of it for some fast cash. Why not pawn it? Bring it on down to our shop any day of the week, and one of our personable employees will appraise the ring for its value and make you an offer. Then, you have the option to either sell your ring or we can hold it as collateral on a loan. Either way, you get the money you need, and we get the jewelry we need. It’s that simple. No wonder people love pawnshops!

Don’t try to sell your jewelry anywhere else but Five Star Pawn; we guarantee to pay more than anybody else for your diamond, gold, and silver jewelry. And if you don’t have any jewelry to sell, you can bring in just about anything else of value that you own. We’ll be happy to take a look at it and make you an offer. We buy and sell electronics, sports gear and memorabilia, power tools, musical instruments, watches, coins, antiques, and more!