pawn diamond

Do you have some old diamond jewelry that you never wear anymore sitting in a drawer at home somewhere, gathering dust? Your diamonds are valuable, sure enough. But they aren’t worth anything locked away in drawer—you need to sell your diamonds to unlock their monetary value! If you are located in the greater Metro Detroit area and are interested in selling your old diamonds or using them as a collateral on a pawn loan, then Five Star Pawnbrokers is the place you must visit. Nobody in Michigan pays higher prices for diamonds than we do—guaranteed!

Although your diamond jewelry may have some sentimental value that keeps you from getting rid of it, those wishy-washy feelings will fly right out the window once we make you a huge cash offer. Here at Five Star Pawnbrokers our staff is trained to always make competitive offers on valuable goods, and diamonds are unmistakably valuable. Bring diamonds into our pawnshop, and you’ll be sure to receive the best cash offer you’ll find anywhere in the state.

You can visit us to pawn diamonds, but after you’ve received your cash, why not stay for a little while and check out our awesome selection of items. As Metro Detroit’s premier pawnshop, we pawn everything: electronics, gold, sports equipment, antiques, power tools, musical instruments, etc. Whatever it is that you need to buy—or sell—we’re confident that we can figure out a deal that works great for both of us.