pawn shop open sunday

Do you have a bunch of old stuff you don’t need anymore sitting around in your attic or garage? Are you low on cash this month and need a fast way to earn some extra money? Five Star Pawnbrokers is the solution to your problems! We are Metro Detroit’s premier pawn shop, and we are prepared to pay you top dollar for your used items.

Five Star Pawnbrokers is open seven days week for your convenience. We understand that you may be busy with work all week, so we leave our doors open on Saturday and Sunday so that you still have a chance to stop by. Whether you want to sell your things or simply receive a loan, we are here to help you out and strike a deal that works great for both of us. We’re looking for all kinds of items: electronics, jewlery, power tools, sports gear and memorabilia, musical instruments, and more.

Don’t forget that you don’t necessarily have to want to sell something to stop by our store. At Five Star Pawnbrokers you can also purchase all kinds of items at unbeatable prices. Instead of spending your Sunday cleaning your house or doing yardwork, why not have a little fun with a visit to a pawn shop? You can even shop online with our Ebay store if you’d rather not leave the comfort of your home. In any case, remember you can visit Five Star Pawnbrokers seven days a week to buy or sell all sorts of odds and ends.