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We offer renewable collateral loans secured against personal assets including jewelry, autos, electronics, musical instruments, tools, firearms and more. All loans are renewable, meaning that all loans at the end of the term can be renewed by paying the minimal finance change. All items are evaluated by our well-trained and experienced brokers to ensure you get the most for your valuables. All items are kept in a secure location with 24-hour surveillance and security. All non-jewelry items are kept in a clean and organized warehouse onsite. All items are fully insured and are untouched until item is redeemed.

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How the Process Works

1. You bring in merchandise for a free appraisal

2. We come to an agreement on the loan amount

3. We hold the merchandise for the Loan Term
4. You return within the Loan Term and pay back the loan with interest and get your merchandise back.

OR You can sell your valuables outright. In this case we will appraise your merchandise and offer you a fair CASH OFFER.

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At Five Star Pawn we try to make the loan process as simple and easy as possible. 

A pawn is a 90-day collateral loan during which you may pick up your items at any time. As a state licensed and regulated
pawnbroker, we charge 3% a month. At the end of your loan, you can decide to make a REDEMPTION or RENEWAL of your loan. A REDEMPTION is the payment of your PRINCIPAL + INTEREST, at which time you will receive your item or items back. A RENEWAL is a payment of INTEREST ONLY, which renews your loan for another 90 days. There is no limit to the amount of times a pawn can be renewed and you may also choose to surrender your items at any time as payment in full.

 At Five Star Pawn we try to make the loan process as simple and easy as possible.


Example Pawn Loan
Pawned a 14k necklace
Borrowed on 01/04/2016
$100 loan @ 3% per month
Paid back on 03/14/2016
Total to redeem item
APR 36%

* Minimum repayment period: 61 days

* Maximum repayment period: 90 days

* Max APR 36%