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At Five Star Pawn we try to make the loan process as simple and easy as possible. We buy and sell a variety of items including gold, silver, diamonds, firearms and more. Stop in today!

We offer collateral loans

Bring in your item, we will quickly give you an appraised value and loan you cash based on the value of your item. Pay the loan off and get your item back. It’s that easy! Learn more.


  • Diamond ring worth $1,000. We will loan up to $750. If the loan is $750 at 35% APR for a 90 day loan then the total cost to repay the loan would be $794.17.
  • PS4 gaming system. We will loan up to $100. If the loan is $100 at 35% APR for a 90 day loan then the total cost to repay the loan would be $105.89.
  • Gold ring and necklace we loaned $650. Gold depends on carat and weight.
  • Rolex watch value of $5,500 we loaned $4,000.
  • 55 ” Samsung TV loaned $250.
  • Snap on tool set loaned $700.
  • Gibson guitar we loaned $3,000.
  • Remington 12 Ga Shot Gun we loaned $250.

Have an item you are wondering if we will do a loan on? Call us today at 586-737-7731.


  • I’ve never been to a pawn shop before today. Chad was awesome, very friendly, and made the exchange very simple and easy. I recommend this shop to anyone who is looking for a good deal whether buying or selling.

    Carrie Henshaw Avatar
    Carrie Henshaw

    Friendly Staff. Very clean store front, with a large assortment of items. They have a wide array of stuff from Audio equipment and tech goods to sports equipment and rare coins. I recommend them to everyone who needs a little extra cash this holiday season, Or for those looking for the something special for a little less.

    Sean Laclair Avatar
    Sean Laclair

    Super Cool Pawn Shop near me Highly Recommend them

    roger sokana Avatar
    roger sokana
  • This place is great!!! Everyone is very professional, friendly and all out awesome. They actually care about there customers needs. I highly recommend this place to everyone. Try them out you won’t be disappointed.

    Tia Avatar

    5 Star Pawn is by far the best, most honest, fair, knowledgeable & just plain fantastic staff & store. I have been buying & selling with 5 star for 5 years & will be doing business with them for the next 50 years. Thank u guys for always being fair & honest. I appreciate everything

    Patrick Caplis Avatar
    Patrick Caplis

    Friendly , inviting staff ! Honest and caring group of guys ! They give a grade A example of how pawnshops should be tan and handled. There prices are more then fair on Items being sold and items being brought in to pawn or sell.

    Mrs. kelly Avatar
    Mrs. kelly
  • This is my favorite pawn shop by far! These guys have been working with me since the day they opened over here! Evan always greets not only me but every customer with a smile and hello he also goes above and beyond to work something out so both parties are happy. these guys as a whole crew will not do you wrong they will work with you then help you out whenever you need it and at the end of the day if it's a loan nobody takes better care of your stuff so you know that it's safe.

    eric koselansky Avatar
    eric koselansky

    I felt comfortable there selling my gun and rings

    Nancy Johnston Avatar
    Nancy Johnston

    Great pawn shop Chad is awesome great prices very fair

    Chris Hitzing Avatar
    Chris Hitzing
  • Great place, people are really easy to understand, very knowledgeable, and very happy to help Best pawn shop around

    ibe trixx Avatar
    ibe trixx

    Very professional, got top dollar... thank you guys for a positive experience

    Dane U Avatar
    Dane U

    I've done business with Five Star for a couple of years now (since back when they just dealt with gold/jewelry). They are honest, straight forward, and fair in pricing. I would highly recommend them if you are in the market for firearms. If they don't have it, they will find it!

    Sean Hanley Avatar
    Sean Hanley
  • I need some extra cash it was no problem for them there are kind and courteous they help me out.

    John Zavinsky Avatar
    John Zavinsky

    Great staff and always there to help out with those unexpected financial issues.

    John Collins Avatar
    John Collins

    Good guys! With great deals

    Austin Toohey Avatar
    Austin Toohey

How the Pawn Process Works

  1. You bring in merchandise for a free appraisal.
  2. We come to an agreement on the loan amount.
  3. We hold the merchandise for the loan term.
  4. You return within the loan term and pay back the loan with interest and get your merchandise back. Or you can sell your valuables outright, in this case we will appraise your merchandise and offer you a fair cash offer.

Stop in today for a free appraisal!

Monday – Thursday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Friday: 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sunday: Closed


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