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At Five Star Pawn we try to make the loan process as simple and easy as possible. We buy and sell a variety of items including gold, silver, diamonds, and more. Stop in today!

  • Brad and his staff were wonderful. They greeted me as soon as I walked in the store, and answered every question I had for them. Class act people running a class act business. If you need any to do any buy, sell, trade business. This is the best pawn shop around!

    David Berisha Avatar
    David Berisha

    I had a wonderful experience. The staff were polite, very knowledgeable, and patient. They made my purchase easy! I will definitely be returning

    Katrina Grundy Avatar
    Katrina Grundy

    GREATEST PLACE IN MACOMB COUNTY! The staff is very friendly and they definitely work with their customers. I’ve been coming here often the past two years, and I’ve saved so much money. I recommend this place to everyone.

    V Shyti Avatar
    V Shyti
  • My honest opinion of this place is they are the best pawn shop around as far as value on your items. I buy, sell, trade guitars and they are my first stop for a loan if need be. That says a lot as I travel for my job and I am familiar with quite a few pawn shops. Plus, the guys are always polite and don’t seem distracted or too busy to help.

    Kimberly Schauer Avatar
    Kimberly Schauer

    I absolutely love this pawn shop!! They got everything you need. Also, when you're ready to pawn your things, they work with you & give you the best price 100%✓ No pawn shop around tops them...........

    Jason Shaboo Avatar
    Jason Shaboo

    I had a great experience at this business, they always treat me well and offer the most cash when selling something. They are very knowledgeable and will help you find what you are looking for. My favorite pawn shop in Michigan for sure!

    Dan M Avatar
    Dan M
  • This place is awesome. The staff is so helpful and polite. I would highly recommend this place to all of my friends and family.

    erika chrispen Avatar
    erika chrispen

    I was recommended by five star pawn staff to Scott Ruel for CPL classes. Scott is a very good instructor, I will recommended him to anyone. Great services

    Laurent Bingwe Avatar
    Laurent Bingwe

    This is hands down the best pawn shop I’ve ever been to, everyone is very respectful especially Brandon and Evan (they were the ones taking care of me) they’ve earned my business for life, will be back soon, thank you!

    Fluz App1 Avatar
    Fluz App1
  • They helped me when I was in a blind. They have always been friendly, fair in their prices and helpful when I needed a loan. One of the best pawn experiences I have had over the years.

    Eugene Wiech Avatar
    Eugene Wiech

    A cool business. Staff are friendly and helpful. And they don’t mind haggling.

    Marc Martoni Avatar
    Marc Martoni

    Five-star pawnshop was fantastic and very helpful. Very clean atmosphere and knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend this business.

    diane ragnone Avatar
    diane ragnone
  • This business has what you need!! I have been looking for an Apple IPod Pro every where and behold they got it!!! Not only did they have it, they gave me a good deal on it as well. They are courteous, professional, clean, and they wear their mask,. I appreciate and refer them to any one.

    Denice Anderson Avatar
    Denice Anderson

    Kristen was the one who took care of me. Excellent service and was very quick and easy.. Would highly recommend this place

    Derek Ski Avatar
    Derek Ski

    Went to Five star pawn and Dan gave me more than what I asked for. Awesome experience and would highly recommend in a pinch

    Jesse Collins Avatar
    Jesse Collins
  • Great service and staff very reasonable. They used their state of the art ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to make my chain look brand new.

    Jordan Ohare Avatar
    Jordan Ohare

    Great service! They have very kind employees and offered me fair value for my items. Would definitely recommend this spot if you’re needing to pawn/sell your wares!

    Chelsea Jacque Avatar
    Chelsea Jacque

    I was shopping for a laptop with a limited budget. Brad was so helpful and worked with me and I am so thrilled with my purchase! 5 Star is an asset to the community. I've been a repeat customer and the new owners have done a great job with the store.

    Debbie Kretsch Avatar
    Debbie Kretsch
  • They helped me out big time when I was in a bind. Very professional, beyond helpful, and nice guys. They understand when people are in tight situations, especially around the holidays, and work out the best possible solution for you.

    Staci Rosink Avatar
    Staci Rosink

    Great pawn shop, Employees were very helpful, nice, and fair. Definitely would recommend Five Star Pawn! Great collection! I will definitely be back to do some more business with them!

    Brian Durst Avatar
    Brian Durst

    One of the best pawn shop around. Very clean and organized. Customers service is great rather you are buying, selling or getting a loan. The grace period on their loans are grateful and fair. I had a wonderful experience in my time of need. Thank you again!

    tamara belyue Avatar
    tamara belyue
  • Well organized, great selection of items and fantastic service. I was greeted right away and guided to what I was looking for. Staff happily answered all my questions. I will definitely be a returning customer.

    Derek Wartner Avatar
    Derek Wartner

    Had a great experience with brad . He was honest with me on my jewelry. I even received more than I thought. I highly recommend 5 star pawn. Thanks guys.

    Lisa Cerri Avatar
    Lisa Cerri

    I had a great experience at this business, they offered me a fair price for what I was selling. They have a very nice store with lots of cool things! The shop is exceptionally clean and the workers were super friendly. I will be back in the future to do more business with them!!

    dan magda Avatar
    dan magda

We offer collateral loans

Bring in your item, we will quickly give you an appraised value and loan you cash based on the value of your item. Pay the loan off and get your item back. It’s that easy! Learn more.


  • Diamond ring worth $1,000. We will loan up to $750. If the loan is $750 at 35% APR for a 90 day loan then the total cost to repay the loan would be $794.17.
  • PS4 gaming system. We will loan up to $100. If the loan is $100 at 35% APR for a 90 day loan then the total cost to repay the loan would be $105.89.
  • Gold ring and necklace we loaned $650. Gold depends on carat and weight.
  • Rolex watch value of $5,500 we loaned $4,000.
  • 55 ” Samsung TV loaned $250.
  • Snap on tool set loaned $700.
  • Gibson guitar we loaned $3,000.

Have an item you are wondering if we will do a loan on? Call us today at 586-737-7731.


How the Pawn Process Works

  1. You bring in merchandise for a free appraisal.
  2. We come to an agreement on the loan amount.
  3. We hold the merchandise for the loan term.
  4. You return within the loan term and pay back the loan with interest and get your merchandise back. Or you can sell your valuables outright, in this case we will appraise your merchandise and offer you a fair cash offer.

Stop in today for a free appraisal!

Monday – Thursday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Friday: 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sunday: Closed


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