Amount Financed 90 DAY TOTAL PER ITEM; Interest + Storage Fees
$20 $10.80
$50 $13.50
$100 $18
$500 $54
$1000 $99
$2500 $234
$10,000 $909

We Offer Collateral Loans

Bring in your item, we will quickly give you an appraised value and loan you cash based on the value of your item. Pay the loan off and get your item back. It’s that easy!

We offer an industry low interest rate of 3% per month plus $3 per month storage fee per item. Our loans are 90 days and can be renewed as many times as you would like.

Loans are subject to $1 a day late fee for each day you are late based on due date. Oversized items may be subject to increased storage fee.

Items loaned that required a background check by the ATF will incur a $35 fee at the time of redemption.


  • Gold ring and necklace we loaned for $650. Gold depends on carat and weight.
  • Rolex watch value of $5,500 we loaned $4,000.
  • You bring in your Snap-On power tool. Our friendly staff will greet you as you walk in the door. Tell us that you are looking to get a loan on your tools and you would like them back. Our team will typically use a variety of resources to value your item based on current market conditions. The loan value of your Snap-On tool will be determined at 40-50% of the used market value,usually from eBay sold listings or prior purchases that we have done. Say the tool sells for an average of $200 on eBay, we will offer you a $80-$100 loan.

We are unable to provide exact quotes of your item over the phone. Feel free to give us a call to see if we take certain items or just bring them by!